Sunday, 5 August 2007

The On-line Petition may be nearing its end .... BUT THE FIGHT HAS JUST BEGUN

If anyone thinks that just because the on-line petition is coming to an end, that I will disappear off into the sunset and never be heard of again, they are wrong.

I am not going to be satisfied until a means is found whereby tolls are finally lifted from the Cleddau Bridge. The options available could be any of the following:-
  1. Pembrokeshire CC abolishes tolls and its maintenance is paid out of the Council Tax. If Cllr Jamie Adams figures are correct, that would cost £50 for the Band D Council Tax payer. I guess this route is highly unlikely.
  2. Pembrokeshire County Council receives a grant every year from the WAG to cover the cost of tolls, pay off the loans etc... (This assumes they exist). The Council retains ownership of the Bridge. Possibly a cheaper option for the WAG to consider?
  3. The WAG takes over control of the Cleddau Bridge and trunks the road either side of it. Tolls are abolished and all future maintenance comes from general taxation. Something Pembrokeshire residents and businesses already pay for all other trunked bridges, within Wales.
  4. The Economy & Transport Minister (currently Ieuan Wyn Jones) and thus the WAG propose to introduce tolling on all trunked bridges within Wales to ensure Pembrokeshire is treated "equally and fairly" with the rest of Wales. Now who would want to commit political suicide by introducing this proposal? Or finally,
  5. No one does anything. The status quo is maintained and everyone feels narked, in Pembrokeshire.

There is an option 6, but I have never advocated the burning down of the tolls booths as Rebecca returns.

Something has to be done, and that is what has been going through my mind in recent weeks, to keep the momentum going.


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