Monday, 3 September 2007

Officers run the Welsh Assembly Government - Official (to me, anyway!)

Throughout, I have tried to maintain an open and impartial view on the Cleddau Bridge.

I have finally received a response from Michael Hillier (Roads Network Management Admin Team) at the Welsh Assembly Government in response to my letter of 29.7.07 to the Deputy First Minister, Ieuan Wyn Jones.

Michael's letter dated 31.8.07 just reiterates his response to me of 1.8.07, in reply to my letter to the First Minister. But he does add that WAG officials should hopefully be meeting "PCC sometime in September, but the exact date is to be finalised."

I had hoped that with Plaid in Government that maybe things might change in Cardiff and that I could have at least had a response from the DFM. After all, Wales has a population of just over 2 million. In England, I would guess there are Councils that must be similar in size.

I feel most disappointed at the fact that the only responses have been from officers. Things obviously are not changing with Plaid in Government and it just confirms in my opinion that officers pull the strings .... I am obviously somewhat nieve, but I had expected better, on such a major issue.

Finally, I saw on the BBC News today that the new SNP "Government" in Scotland will be introducing legislation to abolish bridge tolls.

Maybe we should get rid of Plaid and vote SNP.

This makes me think (which is dangerous, I can assure you!), maybe I should stand for Pembrokeshire County Council in 2008, for the SNP......... Tempt me ......

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